Hi, I'm Laurence Mercer

Lhmdesign is the London, U.K. based freelance web and Drupal design/development business I founded in 2006.


I have eight years web design/development experience and seven years Drupal site building, module development, and theming experience.

I work with clients across the world, most often working remotely from London. Previous clients have been located in the U.K., Australia, Belgium, and the U.S.

Drupal, (X)HTML (including HTML5), CSS (including CSS3), Sass and Compass, responsive design, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, version control (either SVN or Git), APIs (particularly those utilising REST/JSON), and mapping solutions (Google Maps, OpenLayers, MapBox, and Leaflet).

If you'd like a copy of my résumé please contact me.


I have an excellent knowledge of Drupal - a leading open source CMF.

I've been working with Drupal since version 4.6 (you can find me on drupal.org and IRC as laurence_m) and have built and themed many Drupal based sites, including michaeljackson.com and jimihendrix.com.

I’m a Drupal Association member, write a blog about Drupal, and contribute when possible to the drupal.org forums.

I’m also the creator and maintainer of Neptune, a responsive, HTML5 based, Zen sub-theme.